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Headshot & Personal Branding Photography 

Headshots Pictures are very important. You see them on public websites as well as intranets. Headshots are a way to connect with potential clients as well as colleagues in ways the textual descriptions and professional accolades cannot.  It’s important to use the right professionally done headshot to create that all important first impression. 

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Personal branding photography is booming right now

The concept of branding is more important now than ever. With the enormous boom in social media in the last few years,  everyone from teenagers to executives are developing their online brand, people are visual, we love pictures, we love know who is behind.  A brand, as you know, is not just a logo or a set of colours; a brand is the whole business.

“Brand” covers everything from packaging to ethos, and it’s how businesses portray themselves to clients and showcase the goods and/or services they provide.

Personal branding photography is photography that reflects the spirit of the business.
One of the best ways to define a business is through images. Personal branding photography is thriving right now because people understand the importance of personalizing their offerings—whether that be a service or a product.

It is becoming very popular for small businesses; a single headshot is no longer enough! In the endless search for content, businesses now need to create posts for their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts as well as their LinkedIn profiles and websites.